Artist Statement

Kora Moya Rojo is a visual artist creating paintings that revolve around fluidity, nostalgia, and womanhood. Rendered in a pulsating palette of cold blues and warm reds, her vibrant works infuse autobiographical, historical, and religious iconographies with a rural sensibility. Examining the complex effects of childhood trauma, female oppression and urban migration, she investigates personal displacement and national identity in symbolic scenarios that overflow with utopian potential. Digitally reconstructing dreams, imaginations and memories into enchanting drawings and canvases, Moya Rojo creates eerie worlds that inhabit the liminal space between the conscious and the unconscious. Her androgynous, embryonic figures stretch beyond the earthly domain to the otherworldly as they hybridize with provincial food, coalesce with existing objects, and mutate with unspecified surroundings. In a continuous metamorphosis, the internal and external forces at play make the familiar foreign, and the foreign disturbingly familiar.

Kora Moya Rojo (b. 1993, Spain) lives and works in London. She graduated with a BA in Fine Art from the University of Murcia (Murcia, Spain, 2015). Recent exhibitions include ‘Into the Cosmere‘ in Shoreditch (London, UK, 2021), ‘Euphoric’ at Procrastinarting (online, 2021), and ‘Every Woman Biennial’ at The Copeland Gallery (London, UK, 2021). Latest features include All She Makes and Friend of the Artist. Moya Rojo is part of the Winsor & Newton private art collection. She recently finished her residency at Joya Air (Spain, 2021) and has another one coming up at ArtHouse Pani (Mexico, 2022).


Born in Spain, 1993. Lives and works in London.


Fine Arts Degree, University of Fine Arts, Murcia, Spain.

Upcoming Exhibitions

‘Christmas Pop-up’ curated by Katerina Patsalidou and Mikaella Melanidou, Visual Space, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Current Exhibitions

‘Realities’ curated by Adele Smejkal, The Artistellar, London, UK.

Solo Exhibitions

‘Kora Moya Rojo’, Marvelous Gallery, Online.

Selected Group Exhibitions

‘Into The Cosmere’ curated by Jack Trodd, Brushes With Greatness, London, UK.
‘Euphoric’, curated by Joséphine May Bailey, Online.
‘Thirty Six Hours Exhibition’, curated by Ladies Drawing Clüb, Online.
‘Every Woman Biennial’, curated by Eddy Grattan Bellew and Ruby Streek, The Copeland Gallery, London, UK.

‘Summer Salon 2019’, curated by Eleanor Pearce, Islington Arts Factory, London, UK.

‘House of Horrors – First Thursdays’, Creative Debuts, curated by Alex Rollings and Callum Hall, Black & White Building, London, UK.
‘Abstractive’, Creative Debuts, curated by Alex Rollings and Callum Hall, Black & White Building, London, UK.
‘Creative Debuts x Bond Dickinson’ Creative Debuts, curated by Alex Rollings and Callum Hall, Newcastle, UK.

‘Creative Debuts x WeWork Devonshire’ Creative Debuts, curated by Alex Rollings and Callum Hall, London, UK.
‘Creative Debuts x WeWork Paddington’ Creative Debuts, curated by Alex Rollings and Callum Hall, London, UK.
‘7+7 La Mar De Músicas Festival’, Archaeological Museum, Cartagena, Spain.
‘Camina, toca y recuerda’, University of Murcia, Murcia, Spain.

‘The Perpetual Transformation’, Fine Arts University of Murcia, Murcia, Spain.

‘II Explosición Colectiva Bellas Artes’, Cuadros López Art Gallery, Murcia, Spain.
‘Exposición Fotográfica’, Los Olmos, Alhama de Murcia, Spain.

‘Exposición de Pintura, Dibujo y  Fotografía’, The Grand Casino, Cartagena, Spain.


ArtHouse Pani, Tequisquiapan, Mexico.

Joya Air, Almería, Spain.


Winsor & Newton ‘Alchemy & Artistry’.


‘Artist Kora Moya Rojo’, Interview with Leila Antakly, Ninu Nina, Online.
‘Marvelous Artist’s Book: Collective Art Book Series No.2’, Marvelous Art Gallery, Print.
‘Exclusive Interview’, Interview with Yayinlanma Tarihi, Marvelous Art Gallery, Online.
‘Issue 1’, All She Makes, curated by ArtGirlRising, Online and Print.
‘Lockdown Live 16’, Interview with Anna Woodward, The Artist Contemporary, Online. 
‘Instagram Community’, Interview with Joséphine May Bailey, Procrastinarting, Online.
‘Art Features‘, curated by Jack Trodd, Brushes With Greatness, Online.