Kora Moya-Rojo (b.1993) is a London-based Spanish visual artist. She was born in Cartagena (Spain) and attended the University of Fine Arts in Murcia (Spain).  After graduating she moved to London, where she resides at the moment. 

In 2016 she was commissioned by the English company Winsor & Newton for the campaign “Alchemy & Artistry”, creating the artwork for the promotional campaign and distribution. Kora has already exhibited her works in various locations around Spain and the United Kingdom. Some of her works are represented by the Cyprus-based art gallery Visual Space. She’s also part of the ‘All She Makes’ Artist Directory and her work was featured in their first magazine issue. Kora was also selected to be part of the Marvelous Art Gallery book ‘Marvelous Artist’s Book: Collective Art Book Series No.2′. She also has two art residencies coming up, one in Spain later this year and another one in Mexico at the beginning of 2022.

Inspired by Female Surrealists, her style is a combination of vibrant colours, symbolism and disturbing scenes that represent dreamlike situations. Her work is also autobiographical, relying on nostalgia and memories from her childhood and teenage years. The analysis of these memories leads her to face a stage of realisation in which these past moments now have a different meaning. There is an encounter between “the past self” and “the present self”, in which certain traumas or experiences are revealed. In her paintings, Kora embodies these scenes through the recurrent use of genderless characters. They portray us as human beings without judgement, at our most free and self-expressive.

Her latest project “EMBRYO” was born in a time of shared global uncertainty, when calm and happy thoughts were at a premium. “EMBRYO” takes its inspiration from fond memories of a time gone by; a time before the ‘new normal’ and never-ending lockdowns. The absence of new experiences necessitated exploration of the mind, breathing new life into forgotten moments.


“Euphoric” Group exhibition. Joséphine May Bailey @procrastinarting_ (online)
Thirty Six Hours Exhibition. Ladies Drawing Clüb (online)
“Every Woman Biennial”. The Copeland Gallery, London, UK.
Online Solo Exhibition. Marvelous Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

“Summer Salon 2019” Islington Arts Factory, London, UK.

“House of Horrors – First Thursday” Creative Debuts. Black & White Building, London, UK.

“Abstractive” Creative Debuts and TheCultHouse. Black & White Building, London, UK.

“Creative Debuts x Bond Dickinson”. Newcastle, UK.


“Creative Debuts x WeWork Devonshire”. London, UK.

“Creative Debuts x WeWork Paddington”. London, UK.

“7+7” La Mar De Músicas Festival. Archaeological Museum, Cartagena, Spain.

”Camina, toca y recuerda”. Campus of the University of Murcia, Spain.

“The Perpetual Transformation” Solo Exhibition. Fine Arts University of Murcia, Murcia, Spain.

“II Exposición Colectiva Bellas Artes”. Cuadros López Art Gallery, Murcia, Spain.

“Exposición Fotográfica”. Los Olmos, Alhama de Murcia, Spain.

“Exposición de Pintura, Dibujo y Fotografía”. The Grand Casino, Cartagena, Spain.


February 2022
Artist in Residence at ArtHouse Pani, Mexico

October/November 2021
Artist in Residence at Joya Air, Spain


Paint technician for Winsor & Newton for the “Alchemy & Artistry” collection.