Artist Statement

Kora Moya Rojo is a visual artist creating paintings and sculptures that revolve around fluidity, nostalgia, and nature. Rendered in a pulsating palette of cold blues and warm reds, her vibrant works infuse autobiographical, historical, and religious iconographies with a rural sensibility. Examining the complex effects of female oppression and urban migration, she investigates personal displacement and identity in symbolic scenarios that overflow with utopian potential. Digitally reconstructing dreams, imaginations and memories into enchanting drawings and canvases, Moya Rojo creates eerie worlds that inhabit the liminal space between the conscious and the unconscious. Her androgynous, embryonic figures stretch beyond the earthly domain to the otherworldly as they hybridize with provincial food, coalesce with existing objects, and mutate with unspecified surroundings. In a continuous metamorphosis, the internal and external forces at play make the familiar foreign, and the foreign disturbingly familiar.

Kora Moya Rojo (b. 1993, Spain) lives and works between Mexico City, Murcia and London. She graduated with a BA in Fine Art from the University of Murcia (Murcia, Spain, 2015). Recent exhibitions include ‘Zeitgeist vol.II’ at Adhesivo Contemporary (Mexico City, MX, 2023), ‘Nature Holds a Mirror’ at Casa Astrónoma (Mexico City, MX, 2023), ‘CACOTOPIA 07’ at Annka Kultys (London, UK, 2023), ‘Yourself in my Shoes’ at Tube Culture Hall (Milan, ITA, 2023), ‘Between the Bridge and the Door’ at Pictorum Gallery (London, UK, 2023), ‘Narratives in Blossoming Vigor’ at SENS gallery (Hong Kong, HK, 2022) and ‘Dark Roots’ at Liliya Art Gallery (London, UK, 2022). She recently had her debut solo show ‘Ni de Aquí, Ni de Allá’ in London at 9 French Place with BeAdvisors. Latest features include Friend of the Artist and All She Makes. She did a residency at Joya Air (Spain, 2021), Cobertizo (Mexico, 2022) and Adhesivo Contemporary (Mexico, 2023). Kora is currently working towards her first solo show in Mexico City at Daniela Elbahara gallery.


Born in Cartagena, Spain, 1993. Lives and works between Mexico City, Murcia and London.


Fine Arts Degree, University of Fine Arts, Murcia, Spain.

Solo Exhibitions

Solo Show, Daniela Elbahara, Mexico City, MEX (Upcoming)

Ni de Aquí, Ni de Allá, 9 French Place, Be Advisors, London, UK

Selected Group Exhibitions

Art on a Postcard International Women Day, Charity Auction, The Bomb Factory, London, UK
Kindred Spirits, SENS Gallery x Artsy, Online
Sueño Guajiro, Galeria Textraño, Mexico City, MEX
Zeitgeist vol.II, Adhesivo Contemporary, Mexico City, MEX
Art on a Postcard Summer Auction, Charity Auction, Hoxton Gallery, London, UK
Art on a Postcard x Jack Trodd, Charity Auction, Online
Between Nature and Utopia, Artsy Campaign, USA
Between the Bridge and the Door, Pictorum Gallery, London, UK
Nature Holds a Mirror, Casa Astrónoma, curated by Ambar Quijano, Mexico City, MEX
Yourself in my Shoes, Tube Culture Hall, Milan, ITA
CACOTOPIA 07, Annka Kultys, London, UK  

Wilderness of Being, curated by Cassandra Bowes, HdM Gallery, London, UK
Narratives in Blossoming Vigor
, SENS Gallery, Hong Kong, HK
Dark Roots, trio show, Liliya Art Gallery, London, UK
Soho Revue x The Little Scarlett Door, Soho Revue, London, UK
Looking Back to Move Forward, Visual Space, Palia Agora Palouriotissas, CYP
Artists for Ukraine Charity Auction, Procrastinarting_, Online

Realities, The Artistellar, London, UK
Christmas Pop-up
, Visual Space, Nicosia, CYP
Art for Relief x The Auction Collective Charity Auction, Online
Into The Cosmere, Brushes With Greatness, London, UK
Euphoric, Procrastinarting_, Online
Thirty Six Hours Exhibition, Ladies Drawing Clüb, Online
Every Woman Biennial, The Copeland Gallery, London, UK

Summer Salon 2019, Islington Arts Factory, London, UK

House of Horrors – First Thursdays, Creative Debuts, Black & White Building, London, UK
Abstractive, Creative Debuts, Black & White Building, London, UK
Creative Debuts x Bond Dickinson, Creative Debuts, Newcastle, UK

Creative Debuts x WeWork Devonshire, Creative Debuts, London, UK
Creative Debuts x WeWork Paddington, Creative Debuts, London, UK
7+7 La Mar De Músicas Festival, Archaeological Museum, Cartagena, ESP
Camina, toca y recuerda, University of Murcia, Murcia, ESP

The Perpetual Transformation, Fine Arts University of Murcia, Murcia, ESP

II Explosición Colectiva Bellas Artes, Cuadros López Art Gallery, Murcia, ESP
Exposición Fotográfica, Los Olmos, Alhama de Murcia, ESP
Exposición de Pintura, Dibujo y  Fotografía, The Grand Casino, Cartagena, ESP

Art fairs

Material Art Fair, Terremoto MX, Mexico City, MEX (Upcoming)

Art Central Hong Kong, SENS Gallery, Hong Kong


Adhesivo Contemporary, Mexico City, MEX


Joya Air, Almería, ESP


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Interview ‘Dreaming of a dreamworld’ by DATEAGLE ART. Interview and photography by Vanessa Murrell, Online

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